January Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade | January Activities



This set includes 45 pages of math practice for second graders for this time of year.

I have included 2 pages for each skill covered. One is easier or harder depending on the skill or the extra page for just extra practice.
Here are the skills that are included:

►Standard Form
►Count back by 10’s
►Count by 3’s
►Drawing Arrays
►Place Value (What’s the value?)
►Money (draw 2 ways to show the amount)
►2-Digit Addition and Subtraction(No Regrouping)
►2-Digit Addition and Subtraction (With Regrouping)
►3 2-Digit Addition
►10 Less, 10 More, 1 Less, 1 More
►In and Out Boxes
►Money (color in the coins to show the amount)
►Fractions (write the fraction of the shaded part)
►2-Digit Addition, then greater than, less than, equal to
►Reading a thermometer
►Time (color the correct time)
►Time (write the correct time)
►Elapsed Time
►Related Facts
►Doubles +1
►Balance the Equation
►Estimate to the closest 10
►Geoboards (drawing shapes)
►Money Riddles


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