January Morning Work for Second Grade | January Daily Math



Looking to add rigor to your daily math routine? Is so, then this January Daily Math will do just that. I have been using this in my own 2nd grade classroom for 4 years now. It is amazing to see the growth each student makes by the end of the year.

This set includes 20 pages of daily math work. You can use this many different ways: morning work, homework, seat work, or early finishers.

I chose skills that second grade students would be working on this time time of year. The pages gradually get harder and skills that are covered in the earlier pages are revisited towards the end as well.

Here are the skills that are included:
Standard Form
►Missing Numbers
►3 Digit Addition
►Word Problems
►What’s the Value? (Place Value)
►Number Sense
►Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
►In and Out Boxes
►10 More, 10 Less, 1 More, 1 Less
►Related Facts
►Doubles +1
►2 Digit Subtraction (with borrowing)
►Balance the Equations
►Skip Counting


**Higher 1st grade and lower 3rd grade students would benefit from this pack as well.


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